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Job Seeker Services

a) Placement Services
b) Resume Writing Services
c) Resume Highlighter Services
d) Resume Blaster Services
e) HRS Verified candidate
f) Resume Highlighter Services
g) Job Assist

Placement Services

We work with a number of large corporates across the country from various industries across verticals and place employees for both temporary and permanent positions. Our placement officer will help you develop an appropriate job-seeking approach, depending on your education and skill levels. This could also include writing a resume, practicing interview techniques, Resume Blaster services, Resume Highlighter services, HRS Verified services and Job Assist services which will help you secure a dream job in an esteemed company.

Corporate Services

With HR Solutions, you’ll have access to thousands of qualified candidates all in one place. You can even search for only candidates who have been HRS-verified to ensure that you’ll find someone with a recent clean background check on record.

Corporate Services

Job Posting

With HR Solutions, you’ll have access to thousands of qualified candidates all in one place. You can even search for only candidates who have been HRS-verified to ensure that you’ll find someone with a recent clean background check on record.

Talent Acquisition

Find the Perfect Fit

We have professionals with the right training, experience, and drive to help your company grow. Our quick turnaround time and diversified candidate list means that you can get the right employees working for you as soon as you need them.

Background Verification

Thorough, Accurate Findings

Avoid hiring people who have issues with substance abuse, a past criminal record, or a troubled financial history with our wide range of background verification services: Resume Verification, Educational Check, Employment Check, Police Check, Address Verification, and Online Verification.


A payroll system is software which organizes all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes. These tasks can include keeping tracking of hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions, printing and delivering checks and paying employment taxes to the government.

Payroll software often requires very little input from the employer. The employer needs to input employee wage information and hours—then the software calculates the information including withholdings automatically.

Job Posting

Thousands of Candidates

Why waste time listing job openings on multiple websites? With HR Solutions, you’ll have access to thousands of qualified candidates all in one place. You can even search for only candidates who have been HRS-verified to ensure that you’ll find someone with a recent clean background check on record.

HR Consultation

Build a Strategic Plan

Need help determining your HR needs? We’ll help you analyze your current work force and create a strategic human resources plan for everything from hiring to benefit administration, including a timeline for implementation and follow-up.

Talent Acquisition

Find the Perfect Fit

We have professionals with the right training, experience, and drive to help your company grow. Our quick turnaround time and diversified candidate list means that you can get the right employees working for you as soon as you need them.
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Background Verification

Thorough, Accurate Findings

Avoid hiring people who have issues with substance abuse, a past criminal record, or a troubled financial history with our wide range of background verification services: Resume Verification, Educational Check, Employment Check, Police Check, Address Verification, and Online Verification.


A payroll system is software which organizes all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes. These tasks can include keeping tracking of hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions, printing and delivering checks and paying employment taxes to the government.

Payroll software often requires very little input from the employer. The employer needs to input employee wage information and hours—then the software calculates the information including withholdings automatically.

Web Development

For Complete Web Solutions

We deliver unmatch web experience with unique blend of design and technology. We can provide you a complete package from Consultation,Design,Development and Hosting.
Our business practice combined with utmost attentions to details which enables us to deliver clients with efficient,affordable and reliable solutions

BPO / Call Center Services

24/7 Inbound and Outboud BPO Services

We provide Inbound/Outbound Call Center Services to Organizations and ensure quality services at affordable pricing.

Background Verification : News

Every day around the world, top-level executives, medical professionals, engineers, doctors,teachers, and even airline pilots are at work – even though they lack the proper education and credentials.

Why? Because they fooled their employers with fake diplomas, degrees, or licenses. These documents can look very authentic, often bearing the notarization, seals, certifications, or stamps of government institutions. Government authorities and lawyers may even attest to their authenticity – but that doesn't mean the document or its source is genuine.

If your company is employing even one of these individuals, it can put your whole operation at risk, opening you up to huge financial liabilities, internal theft, stolen proprietary data, damage to your brand’s reputation, and even terrorist threats.

Just how at risk is your company? Consider these harrowing statisics:
  • 33 to 46% of resumes contain false or embellished information
  • Between $3,500 and $40,000 – The cost of replacing a single employee due to fraud
  • Over $40 billion – The annual cost of dishonest employees across the globe
  • Over 50,000 fake PhD degrees are sold each year
  • Over 2,500 institutions worldwide award fake degrees and diplomas
  • 348 unapproved universities grant fake degrees and diplomas in India alone
  • 6% to 12% of applicants fail to disclose their criminal records
  • 1 - The number of criminally-minded employees required to expose the secrets of your success to competitors or the public at large

Here are just a few recent business cases of fraud in the news across the globe:
  • A Serbian man who used to work in Slobodan Milosevic’s secret police used faked university documents to become a psychologist in Australia until the Transport Accident Commission and Work Safe caught him. He has since been jailed.
  • Intelligence agencies couldn't catch Bangladeshi and Pakistani terrorists in Mumbai because they allegedly used fake continuous discharge certificates (CDCs) that sailors from Liberia have to carry.
  • The Director General of Pakistan appointed a man to the position of Project Director who it was later found had a fake Bachelors degree.
  • Police in Vietnam confirmed that their Deputy Health Minister used a faked doctoral degree to get his job and didn't have the appropriate qualifications.
  • A science teacher in the U.K. was banned from teaching for four years after she used a fake degree from Open University to get her job. She’d been working at her school since 2009.
  • The RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) arrested a fake doctor at Mirpur and sentenced him to prison for two years.
  • Dozens of students of Ramjas College of Delhi University forged documents to get into the school, and the administration expelled them.
  • A 90-year-old Indian man was accused of forging medical degrees for at least 50,000 fake doctors – after he’d already faced a jail sentence for a similar crime.
  • After becoming Public Relation Officer for a major civic body, it was discovered that a former security guard had lied about his university credentials.
  • Two institutions of higher learning in India made false claims about the academic qualifications of their faculty to get accreditation from the National Board of Accreditation.
  • A Nigerian governor was accused of forging one of his academic documents.
  • An Indian party leader’s son used fake documents to get his commercial pilot license. He and three friends were arrested for the violation.
  • After three patients died under his charge, a Pakistani oncologist was arrested and it was discovered that several of his degrees were faked – just like his treatment for cancer patients.
  • An Indian railway employee was found to have faked a number of different certificates and even obtained counterfeit medals in order to enter a training program to learn to be a coach.
  • A New Zealand man didn’t want potential employers to know that he had a criminal record, so he forged a document from the Ministry of Justice.
  • Pretending to be a two-star major general with the U.S. Army is what finally got him caught, but over the years a man in Ohio was found to have used fake credentials to get a number of high-profile jobs, including working as an Alaska city manager and a Florida police chief.

  • Types Of Backgound verification Checks Background Screening Checks:-

    a) Education Check
    b) Employment Check
    c) Reference Check
    d) Address check
    e) Criminal Record Check – Police
    f) Criminal Database Check – Global and Indian
    g) Gap Verification
    h) Criminal Court Check
    i) Identity Check (Driving License / Voter ID / Pan Card )
    j) Passport Check
    k) Drug Test
    l) Exit Interview of Employee
    m) Company Check

    Resume Builder

    For the Right First Impression

    Did you know your CV has 6 seconds to make an impression on a recruiter or hiring manager? So it’s crucial to include all the relevant info in a clean, professional design. Our resume builder will take you step-by-step through the process.

    Resume-Writing Services

    Get One-on-One Help

    Our professional resume writers will assist you in creating the perfect CV. They work closely with employers to learn what they want in an employee, and then they use this information to offer personalized advice for your specific job history and career goals.

    Online Job Search

    Updated Every Day

    Gain access to thousands of world-class jobs in a wide range of industries and for all career levels. Our search and filter features make it easy to find the opportunities that best fit your needs and qualifications.

    Resume Blaster

    Get the Word Out

    Back on the job market? Let hundreds of employers across the world know that you’re available in an instant. Our exclusive mailing list includes local companies as well as MNCs in a wide range of industries looking for all different levels of employees. We send the CVs of candidate to all large & small recruitment consultant & HR managers who are actively hiring thereby increasing the hiring probability

    Resume Blaster

    Let Employers Find You

    Advance your career by listing your CV with HR Solutions to give recruiters and HR managers access to your credentials. Employers who are actively searching for candidates often start in our database first, so you’ll be at the top of the resume pile. ( Also mention the software automatically places the most active user who has more recently accessed/logged in to his profile recently and updated his contents to be placed at top of the order in search while corporates search for candidate profile, so keep yourself active in the portal to increase your chances of getting hired by companies of choice

    JOB ASSIST (Personalized Notification Service )

    Via Voicemail or Email

    Worried about missing an opportunity? No longer! With our notification system, you’ll receive immediate communication via voicemail or email or SMS about jobs that are right for you as they become available, increasing your chances of getting hired.


    Get Ahead of the Competition

    You’ll stand out from the crowd with HRS-Verification. It lets employers know that we’ve thoroughly vetted your credentials, work history, criminal background, and education, so it’s less of a risk for them to make the hire.


    HR Solutions® is the choice of leading corporations worldwide. We are global service providers of Job search, International Immigration Screening, Background Verification, Permanent Staffing, Emerging Market’s Criminality Check, Talent Acquisition, Fraud and Risk Data.

    We are having multiple openings for various positions across various verticals.

    Please send in your CV's to the email address mentioned below:
    Email :

    About Us

    HR SolutionsTM is a leading global service provider for professionals in IT, Sales, HR, Legal, Risk management, Accounting, and Academic markets. HR SolutionsTM offers services in more than 100 countries with the integration of information and technology, we understand that every business is unique and we customize solutions to minimize risk and maximize their return on investment.

    We are client focused and we work closely with them to understand their needs and ensure that they get the right resource to flourish their business. Our expertise in the respective domain enables us to fulfill the requirement in reduced turnaround time.

    Our research and thoughtful ecommerce platform provides multifaceted services under one roof.

    User-Friendly Interface

    Innovative and Efficient

    We designed a proprietary program especially for our corporate clients to access our services and products. The result is a simple, intuitive service where you can create sub-users, upload cases and documents, generate, view, and download reports, check payment history, and more. ( Nothing mentioned with regards to Talent Acquisition)

    Available in Over 100 Countries

    The World at Your Fingertips

    We’ve already rolled out services across the globe, including India, Australia , Dubai, the U.A.E., Europe, Asia, Africa, United States, and the United Kingdom. Not sure if we operate in your area? Contact us to get a complete list of countries where we can help.

    " >

    24x7 Cloud Support

    Access Anytime, Anywhere

    No matter what time zone you’re in, you can find the help you need with 24x7 access to our program, technical support, online billing, and online billing support. We’re dedicated to provide top-of-the-line customer service.

    Contact Us

    HR Solutions, Ofiice No 128, Panchavati Plaza,Sector- 5, Ghansoli.PIN : 400701
    8286 41 0000
    808 262 7755
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    Delivery & Shipping policy

    At HR Solutions, you get the most dedicated & useful deliveries of our services in the form of national & international resumes, cover letters, job alerts, and even the best guides to your profile development. The company ensures the best deliveries on time with a commitment to have a good responses and calls from the reputed agencies and organizations. Your purchase for the preferred services will be delivered on time with the most trusted checkout processes.

    We believe in-"Buy Here and Get Here on Time" with our online deliveries in the form of emails and sms. This means that every transactions and services of yours are processed legally and on time in a proper manner. You will receive an email confirmation and then a follow-up email once your purchase is ready to deliver through your local " HR Solutions" services. The shipping rate and delivery time will vary based on the method you choose.

    HR Solutions means, a tension-free service offered to you to make your job-hunting an easy to meet the best employers. And this is why, we at HR Solutions bring the most trusted and readily available, customized resume writing and profile development services for you to enhance your profile in the market for better job opportunities.



    While HRSolutions Resume services have helped many customers over the years, we do not guarantee any interview calls or assure any job offers with any of our services.

    The services associated with HRS Resume services are only provided through the website You are advised to be cautious of calls/emails asking for payment from other web sites that claim to offer similar services under the name of HRS Resume services. We have no associates/agents other than the partner sites that have been specifically named on the homepage of the website HR Solutions. We also recommend that you visit Terms and Conditions for further details

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    The site is a public site with free access and HR Solutions assumes no liability for the quality and genuineness of responses. HR Solutions cannot monitor the responses that a person may receive in response to information he/she has displayed on the site. The individual/company would have to conduct its own background checks on the bonafide nature of all response(s).

    HR Solutionswill not be liable on account of any inaccuracy of information on this web site. It is the responsibility of the visitor to further research the information on the site. Any breach of privacy or of the information provided by the consumer to HR Solutions to be placed on the website by technical or any other means is not the responsibility of HR Solutions. HR Solutions does not guarantee confidentiality of information provided to it by any person acquiring/using all/any information displayed on the HR Solutions website or any of its other websites / domains owned and operated by HR Solutions.

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    The User/Subscriber/Visitor to HR Solutionsand/or its affiliated websites does hereby specifically agree that he/she shall, at all times, comply with the requirements of the Information Technology Act, 2000 as also rules, regulations, guidelines, bye laws and notifications made thereunder, while assessing or feeding any resume/ insertion or information/data into the computers, computer systems or computer network of HR Solutions. The said User/ subscriber/ visitor to HR Solutionsand/or its affiliated websites does further unequivocally declare that in case he violates any provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 and/or rules, regulations, guidelines, byelaws and notifications made thereunder, he shall alone be responsible for all his acts, deeds and things and that he alone shall be liable for civil and criminal liability there under or under any other law for the time being in force.

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    The user shall not infringe on any intellectual property rights of any person / entity or retain information / download any information from any computer system or otherwise with an intention to do so.

    HR Solutions will make best efforts to do so but does not warrant that any of the web sites or any affiliate site(s) or network system linked to it is free of any operational errors nor does it warrant that it will be free of any virus, computer contaminant, worm, or other harmful components. The subscription of a user shall be subject to Quotas as applicable and as advised. E-Mails provided as part of contact details are expected to be genuine and access to such email accounts is available to authorized personnel only.

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    HRS receives certain Personal Data at the request of clients and other third parties for credential verification, and employment related purposes, as well as credit and fraud risk mitigation related purposes.

    1. Notice

    Where HRS collects Personal Data from individuals, HRS informs individuals about the purposes for which it collects and uses Personal Data about them, how to contact HRS with any inquiries or complaints, the types of third parties to which it discloses the information and the choices and means HRS offers individuals for limiting its use and disclosure. Notice is provided in clear language either when individuals are first asked to provide Personal Data or as soon thereafter as is practicable, but in any event before HRS uses such information for a purpose other than that for which it was originally collected or processed by the transferring organization or discloses it for the first time to a third party (other than agents acting under our instructions). Information about how HRS collects and uses Personal Data also follows below.

    HRS gathers and maintains consumer and other data which it provides to employers or their agents (such as recruiters or staffing firms) for use in making employment-related decisions, such as who to hire, retain, promote, or re-assign. HRS also gathers and maintains consumer and other data which it provides to entities including lenders, credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies. Provided below is an illustrative list of common ways in which employers use the data provided by this service:

    The scope of this notice covers consumer report data that HRS has obtained on behalf of employers and other businesses by manually or electronically contacting the appropriate sources of the data. HRS also performs services related to corporate litigation and investigative services as requested by our clients.

    More information regarding the nature and scope of consumer data inquiries is available by contacting HRS in writing or by e-mail at the addresses listed on the Contact Us page or by writing to the contacts listed below.

    2.. Onward Transfer (Transfers to Third Parties)

    With respect to the transfer of Personal Data to third parties (other than our agents), the principles of “Notice” and “Choice” apply. Accordingly, Personal Data is only provided to third parties for purposes described in the “Notice” section or otherwise disclosed to consumers, and will not be disseminated to a third party where a consumer has “opted-out” or, in the case of sensitive information, failed to “opt-in.”

    HRS may disclose Personal Data clients and third parties, which may include lenders, credit reference agencies, fraud prevention agencies, employers or their agents. HRS also may disclose Personal Data to employer clients, other types of clients or their agents who enter into agreement with HRS.

    3. Access

    HRS reserves the right to engage in reasonable efforts to confirm the identity of the individual requesting Personal Data to ensure the information is provided only to the subject of the data.

    To request information relating to his or her Personal Data, a consumer may contact HRS in writing or by e-mail at the following email address,, or by writing to the contacts listed below. In addition, the consumer will be asked to provide sufficient evidence of his or her identity so we may ensure that information is being released to the correct individual. If we are unable to provide the consumer with access to his or her Personal Data or to correct the data, we will notify the consumer.

    4. Security

    HRS takes reasonable procedures to protect Personal Data from loss, misuse and unauthorized access.

    5. Data Integrity

    HRS collects Personal Data that is relevant for the purposes for which it is to be used. We process Personal Data in ways that are compatible with the purposes for which it has been collected (as identified in the Notice section above) or subsequently authorized by the individual. To the extent necessary for those purposes, HRS takes reasonable steps to ensure that Personal Data collected is accurate, complete, current, and reliable for its intended use.

    6. Enforcement

    HRS will verify adherence to the Safe Harbor Policy via in-house verification and internal policies and procedures implemented by the management of our company. HRS also will cooperate with an independent third party as a means of providing consumers a readily available and affordable recourse mechanism by which individual consumer complaints and disputes, if any, can be investigated and remedied.

    7. Amendments

    From time to time, this Privacy Policy may be amended to reflect new products and services, or as necessary to reflect a new business practice. Consistent with the Safe Harbor requirements, we will post any revised policy on this website.